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Transform a Small Closet with These Handy Tricks

Posted by admin on January 15, 2017
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Organized closet with open door

There are so many details to think of when you are looking for a new home. Some people focus on a modern kitchen while others demand a spacious master suite. Unless you build a brand new home, there will likely be something on your wish list that won’t come true. If you fall in love with a home in the perfect neighborhood but the closet space leaves something to be desired, don’t fret! You can easily make that small space into a luxury wardrobe with just a few storage and organizational tricks.

Well organized closet

  1. Trim Down

No, we’re not talking about your neglected New Year’s Resolution. Go through your clothing and get rid of items you haven’t worn in over a year or things that have simply gone out of style. After that purge is finished, go back and make sure everything fits. Ditch clothes that are too small. If you plan to lose weight, find an alternate storage space for those goal clothes. You don’t need them right now. Get rid of clutter like plastic dry cleaners bags and the thousands of extra empty hangers. Also, consider swapping out your hangers for a more slim style. You’ll be surprised at how much room this can save.

  1. Utilize the Back of the Door

The first tip of maximizing your space is making sure you are using every inch of your available space. The back of the door is the perfect place for hooks, shelves, or an accessories rack. If your space is too small to have these things protruding off of the door, at least hang a full-length mirror on the back of the door. It gives you the illusion of more space and will be useful in perfecting your look every single day.

  1. Fill the Empty Walls

Again, make sure you are using every inch of your space. Place hooks on any bare wall space, even if it is too high for you to reach. Use hard to reach spaces to store luggage, extra handbags, or out-of-season clothing. Keep a small stepladder handy under the bed or behind your dresser for easy access to these items when you want them. Consider using tension rods to make more space to hang lightweight items like scarves. Awkward corners are the perfect place for a shelving unit or a shoe rack.

Organized closet with open door

  1. Don’t Forget the Floor

Often, the floor of a closet disappears in a jumble of shoes or becomes a shadowy no-man’s-land of forgotten clothes and lost accessories. This is a waste of space! Group all of your shorter hanging clothes together and put a drawer unit or a stacked shoe organizer underneath them for clear, easy access. Don’t forget to keep your closet clean. No amount of organizational aids can help you if you just toss things on the floor.

  1. Condense Your Hangers

Switching to slim hangers can save you a lot of space, but if you don’t want to spend the extra money now, consider cascading hangers. The cheapest way to do this is to use soda tabs. Hang a tab on the neck of a hanger, then hang your next hanger from the bottom part of the tab, and so on, for as many hangers as you would like. Also, consider buying a few S-hooks and a couple lengths of looped chain. Use the S-hook to hang the chain in your closet, and then hang hangers from the loops of the chain.

  1. Try Some Paint

If you get claustrophobic just looking in your closet, try brightening it up with a light color paint. This won’t add any more space, but it will make the closet feel bigger, fresher, and cleaner. Get a heavy-duty paint that can stand up to the wear and tear of daily use. Also, add some lighting for the illusion of more space. There are great options like LED closet rods that are motion activated or battery-operated sticky lights that can go anywhere.

  1. Consider Outside-the-Closet Spaces

If you’ve tried everything, and all of your things just won’t fit, consider some alternative solutions. Make a display of your shoe or handbag collection on a bookshelf. Get a portable clothes rack that you can hide in your extra room or pull behind a curtain. For seriously small apartments, consider lofting your bed and building a closet underneath it. There are plenty of ways to find a space for everything.

Final Thoughts

Even if your closet isn’t the dressing room of your dreams, you can make it a functional space where everything fits neatly in its place. You don’t have to be a handyman to create the perfect closet from the limited space you have.